Advising Tenants

P.M. Lee & Co. Lawyers have read and advised upon hundreds of leases of all types including:

  • Retail shop leasing
  • Industrial leasing
  • Commercial and office leasing
  • Advertising sign lease
  • Telstra and Optus communication tower leases
  • Child care centre leases

P.M. Lee & Co. Lawyers will review in detail all lease provisions, advise on the acceptability of the provisions, and provide a comprehensive list of suggested amendments.

In advising tenants, we pay particular attention to the many areas which can adversely affect you as tenants. These include provisions for maintenance of air conditioning, lifts, security systems, fire prevention systems, and all other landlords fixtures and fittings. These can substantially add to your cost as tenant. We also carefully review provisions covering repair, repainting, redecoration, make good on completion, insurance and indemnities, list of outgoings, and provisions for recovery from tenants.

Did you know that an apparently innocuous provision requiring you, as tenant, to keep the premises in good repair, places an obligation upon you as tenant, to attend to major structural repair, which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars?

To ensure nothing is overlooked, we have comprehensive checklists, and additional tenants provisions to be added to leases. These include guaranteed access to the premises, and common areas and toilets, , continuity of services such as electricity and air conditioning, maintenance of the building, and parking facilities, moderating the landlord’s ability to convert common areas and carparks to shops and kiosks, and many other provisions to safeguard your interests.

We will also advise you on security issues, including bonds, bank guarantees, and director’s guarantees. Most leases contain unacceptably onerous provisions in guarantees. For example your guarantee may extend to any extension of the lease, even though you may have assigned the lease many years before.

We also will suggest a number of relevant property searches to ensure the Landlord is the owner of the building and is entitled to grant your lease. Other searches including town planning, council consents, and any statutory requirement affecting all or part of the land will be considered.

P.M. Lee & Co. Lawyers also offer comprehensive service in the day to day leasing activities, including, consent to assignment, extensions, surrenders and lease defaults.

By instructing P.M. Lee & Co. Lawyers to advise on your lease, you will get practical and cost effective advice, ensuring you get good leasehold title before you commit to substantial further investment on the property.

We look forward to helping you.

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