Debt Recovery

In acting for a creditor the steps usually taken for recovery of a debt are:

  1. Letter of demand, giving the debtor a limited time to pay the debt or enter into an arrangement for payment that is satisfactory to the creditor
  2. If there is no satisfactory response to the letter of demand, commence proceedings in the appropriate court
  3. If the proceedings are not defended, obtain judgment by default
  4. Commence enforcement action to recover the amount of the judgment debt.

Enforcement action may include:

  • An application to the court to wind up a company
  • An application to the court to bankrupt an individual
  • Enforcement hearing to obtain information to facilitate the enforcement of a money order
  • Enforcement warrant for seizure and sale of property or redirection of earnings
  • Enforcement warrant imposing a charge on shares or securities
  • Enforcement warrant for appointment of a receiver
  • For non-money orders, possession of land, delivery of or payment for goods, seizure and detention of property

We are currently offering our debt recovery service on a fixed fee basis:

  • $195.00 to review documents and issue a letter of demand to the debtor;
  • $295.00 (plus a court filing fee) for preparation of a claim and statement of claim. 

Please refer to the attached brochure for more details. PM Lee Co – Debt Collection

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