Liquor Licensing

Liquor Licensing in Queensland is regulated by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.

The type of licence you need is dependent on the type of business you operate.  Each licence has different requirements, and different application and renewal fees.

Common Types of Licences

Commercial hotel licence – this licence entitles the holder to sell liquor on premises with a retail shop and with the Court’s approval can trade up to 24 hours a day.

Types of liquor and wine licences | Queensland Government

Bar licence – for selling liquor for on-premises consumption is the main function of your business.  To qualify for a bar licence your premises must not seat more than 60 people.

Subsidiary on premises licence (eg. Resort and Motel) – this is when the sale of alcohol is a secondary function of the business, the licensee is allowed to sell liquor to the diners for consumption with the food served at the premises. If the restaurant has a reception area endorsed on the licence then liquor can be consumed in that area before or after the meal.

A licence is not required for restaurants offering BYO.

Producer/Wholesaler Licence (eg. Brewery and Liquor Wholesaler) – this allows the holder to supply liquor to other outlets where liquor is sold or consumed.

Special Facility Licence (eg. Casino, cultural and entertainment centre, tourist development) – a temporary or permanent licence can be obtained for liquor to be sold at special events.

Subsidiary off-premises licence (eg. florists) – when selling liquor for off-premises consumption is secondary function of the business.

Community Club Licence (eg. Non-proprietary clubs including sports clubs, RSL Clubs, Golf Clubs, and Bowls Clubs) – this licence allows liquor to be sold and consumed on-premises. In some circumstances, approval may be granted for extended hours usually for one-off occasions and to sell and supply liquor to persons attending a function held on the licensed premises.

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